Bootcamp: Brand Strategy in Action

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Join an immersive full day bootcamp to master and execute an effective brand strategy. You will update your knowledge on the latest theory and gain access to an innovative simulation  that will allow you to put your marketing knowledge and best practices into into action.

The bootcamp is broken into three stages:

  1. Prepare – to discover the the latest strategic innovations and gain an understanding of the simulation.
  2. Analyse- the market and your competitors.
  3. Decide- manage and make the most effective decisions in action.

The following key course concepts will be covered in detail:

  • Brand Targeting Strategy
  • Product Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Communications Strategy

You will be putting these concepts to practice by using the simulation to:

  • Conduct market and competitor analysis
  • Make pricing decisions
  • Allocate brand resources
  • Focus on research an development projects
  • Execute sales and distribution strategies
  • Set up and run effective advertising campaigns

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